The Parbar Collective is a collaborative effort by a group of guys to reveal the impact of the reality that Jesus is Lord over all things. We are Christians, unashamedly, and we are churchmen. We love Jesus and His Bride and we work and labor for the renewal of all things.

At the Parbar Collective you will read essays, reviews, analyses of personal experiences, thoughts on the Bible and other books, and commentary on culture among other topics. You will find that sometimes we are reaching and imagining, and sometimes our edges are harder and more refined. In any case, we hope to be biblically consistent with a head nod to the fathers in the faith who have gone before us, and if there is a problem in our writing, it is ours.

The name “Parbar” comes fromĀ 1 Chronicles 26:18, which, one of our major influences, has claimed to be the most important verse in the Bible. This claim is not meant to be silly, but to showcase that Christians must be biblicists. After all, we are to take every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

We welcome you to grab a seat, subscribe, and learn with us.