New Year, New Reading Plan

I like Bible reading plans, they are an encouragement to reading and a good reminder where you left off. I have dabbled in many readings plan over the years and if you have as well, then you know it is a little tricky to find the one that fits just right. I have tried the Bible in 90 Days, Professor Grant Horner’s reading plan, Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s reading plan, and so on. Each plan I have tried has its perks and its drawbacks, none of them seem to fit. One plan tried to cram too much in, another jumped around the Bible too much, another I felt wasn’t covering enough the Bible fast enough, and so on.

So, I decided to make one for meself. With this plan, I read the Bible in 180 days, that’s twice a year-ish, and about 5-7 chapters a day. This is good for my daily reading. My job is to teach the Bible, and so I find myself in the Bible every day. This makes 5-7 chapters a good start to all my other reading and writing. If you want more than that, go with the 90 Day Reading plan.

I have also made the reading plan into a PDF to be printed as a bookmark, or to be tucked into your Bible’s cover. It is a two-page document, so print it double-sided and cut out the bookmark. Each PDF has three bookmarks, so feel free to mark off your readings as you go. You can find the plan here.

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