Table Manners

A Lord’s Supper Meditation.

The Lord’s Table is a model of the principles of table fellowship found in Luke 14:1-24.

We come together as guests in a lowly and humble estate. We come contrite and repentant. We throw ourselves down to our knees, and it is God who lifts up conferring upon us glory and honor we do not deserve. (Luke 14:1-11)

Christ is the Host who is continually filling His house with the kinds of guests who can never repay Him for His grace. He gives His body and blood and only asks that you eat and drink. (Luke 14:12-14)

And now we are the servants of the Master, blessed at the Table of the Kingdom of God, going out into the world to compel the strangers to join the celebration. (Luke 14:5-24).

We learn at the Table what it means to graciously give.

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