Welcome to the Parbar!

This blog is a collective effort of four churchmen. Although we are friends now, about ten years ago we probably would not have liked each other very much. Each of us has a unique background in the church and outside the church. Though three of us are ministers now, we were not always. Some baptized as babies, some not. Some grew up in Christian homes, some not. We all went to different schools, different seminaries, and at various times were in different denominations. And yet we learn, we grow, we submit to the Word.

What happens here will be just that. The four of us (certainly friends now!) have come together to think and write. We love the church and want to see her grow as a beautiful Bride for her Husband. We love Jesus and His rule over heaven and earth. And we love the Word of God and desire to understand it, apply it, and have the Words breathed out by the Holy One of heaven to be the lens through which we understand His created world.

Our writing will be experimental. Perhaps trees in the Bible really are altars to heaven. Our writing will be certain. We truly are saved by grace as a gift from God. Our writing will be pointed. Modern America has willfully accepted insanity and self-destruction. Our writing will be ecumenical. We love baptists, but we think they are wrong. Our writing will be covenantal. Obedience to God matters. Our writing will be humble. We admit that we would not pass a heavenly theological exam with an A+. Our writing will be ecclesial. The church and her sacraments matter. Our writing will be humorous. How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? Hey, that’s not funny!

Well, whatever your particular leaning we welcome you here and invite your dialogue (as long as it is civil, charitable, and loving).

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