Be Offensive

God saves. He shows favor. And that is offensive.

Take any example of God’s saving acts and you will see a few things. For example, Israel brought out of Egypt in the book of Exodus. God’s saving act to redeem created three categories of people. The first group of people would be the ones being saved and rejoicing in it. The second group of people would be the Egyptians whom God is crushing in order to save the first group. And the third group of people are those to whom salvation is extended but think it stinks (usually a subset within the first group, known as the grumblers and scoffers).

God saves and He offends the Egyptians and He offends the Israelites. The Egyptians tell the Israelites to get out and take their Yahweh with them (although some Egyptians converted and went with Israel). God saves and He offends the Israelites. After all, what did Moses bring them out into the desert for? Simply to die!? It was better in Egypt where we were slaves! At least we had onions.

God’s salvation is offensive. When God used Gideon to save His people there were the Midianites who were offended and crushed, and their were again Israelites who were simply beside themselves because Gideon caused such an offense. Gasp! We are in trouble now you rabble-rouser!

God saved Israel from the Philistines through David. The Philistines were offended and crushed, and some Israelites (David’s brothers) complained. David was only there to see the bloodshed of battle, they grumbled.

The same is true today. Talk to any evangelist and ask them who is offended by what they preach, and you are guaranteed to hear two answers: unbelievers and Christians. When God’s salvation is made known, people are always offended, and quite often it is even those who claim to be His people.

Of course, there is a way to be offensive where we are simply jerks and that is not what we are after. But someone calling you a jerk, and you actually being a jerk are two different things. If someone labels you a bigot, or some other thing, because you say, “Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus.” Well, you are not a jerk, they are simply blaming you for the offensiveness of God’s salvation. For them it is the stench of death. Like the Jews and the Romans, they simply want Jesus to stay dead.

Many times we Christians hesitate to point at sin because we don’t want to offend. Many times we don’t speak up when we should, we don’t take the opportunities to bring sanity to insanity because we are afraid we might cause a conflict. By giving in to that fear, we are missing many opportunities to tear down strongholds. By giving in to the fear of being offensive, we are keeping Jesus in the grave. Idolators and adulterers get what they want when the church shuts her mouth.

This boils down to the fear of man.

Call it a spiritual law if you like, God is offensive.

We have two options: fear man and skitter about in darkness refusing to shine a light on the gloom and smog of culture, or fear God and offend someone.

Only one of those scenarios will end up in the salvation of sinners in the resurrected Lord.



We are all “Politically Correct” Now

We are all “politically correct” now, if I can barrow Nixon. We’ve internalized Gramsci, even Christians.

There’s a push against PC, but, unfortunately, dominated by the juvenile antics of a Milo and the President. They strive for offense and not to strike at the root. The real perniciousness of political correctness is greater than a shock jocks antics because it makes issues and ideas untouchables.

My first conscious memory of political correctness was Dan Quail and Murphy Brown in the early 90’s. Remember that? I barely remember the details, but remember thinking the VP’s position was common sense. A child needs to be raised by a man and woman, a husband and wife (a sign I’ve internalized the enemies philosophy, I hedge to mention it because it might offend single moms, fatherless children, and dad’s plagued by guilt or loss).

In the early 90’s, at least in my personal memory, “pc” took fatherlessness off the discussion table. After all, what are *you* saying about the kids? What are *you* saying about moms? And how do you address this politically?

To address the family, divorce, and sex you strike at men, women, children, and all of society. The issue becomes your bigotry & intolerance of the difficulties or personal decisions of others. The problem isn’t fatherlessness, but your judgey social construct that attaches stigma to the choices of dad, mom, and the child, and who are you to judge? You are then chased off with issues of patriarchy, privilege, dominance, power, etc., and whatever other pc buzzword hold rhetorical force. It’s rhetorically powerful.

This made me realize the things that plague our culture are all intertwined and therefore can only be discussed in the context of the Logos. It is inescapable that fatherlessness is intertwined with feminism, “my body, my choice,” juvenile crime, homelessness, and, yes, school shootings. The secular humanist cannot grant this because it’s the close of their system. It’s the end of social autonomy as they know it. So, instead of talking about systemic issues, they’ve attached . The problem isn’t fatherlessness, but patriarchy – we don’t need men! And then they’ll compassionately offer government programs for their private choices to keep their sexual freedom, even if it means a loss of freedom for others. After all, should a child suffer because of the choices of the parent? “My body, my choice” doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Yet, we’ve embraced a culture that achieves this en masse.

What’s the point? America seeks to make male/female completely autonomous from one another, rebelling against nature and nature’s God, the Logos. The future is not woman. It is male and female (that binary) – for man came from woman and woman from man! We (and our children) need one another.

When we rip apart the one flesh sexual union, we reap what we sow. Can you rip apart your body & soul and still have life? “Why do you care what I do in the bedroom?” Because the social costs are radical, and you know it! That’s why you spend so much time making it a public issue. If you rip apart the one flesh of male/female in marriage, you literally rip apart children, families, love, and the “safe space” so many desire. As it is written, “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” Yet, we are hellbent on putting this asunder and can’t fathom what’s wrong?

The State will gladly be the father to the fatherless. Christian, why do you think true religion looks after the orphaned and the widowed? Why do you think the humanist spends so much time advocating for the State to look after the orphaned and the widowed? It’s religion all the way down!

Yet, the painful reality of wrecked marriages/fatherlessness is due to lust, lying, greed, etc., so even fatherlessness is a more deeply embedded problem than the State can fully address. This is why it doesn’t make good politics. It’s not immediate enough.

This is where Kingdom work needs to be seen for and it is – slow, even imperceptible at times. It doesn’t look like our prayers, evangelism, and church services do anything. So, instead of serving the Logos, we are tempted to leave it & want something more revolutionary – a sexual revolution, a social revolution, a political revolution, theological revolution, etc.

The Christian response is simple (doesn’t mean it’s simplistic): The way forward begins with “repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ! God has sent him to bless you by turning you away from your wickedness!” For the man suffering under the shame and guilt of his infidelity, greed, and divorce, there is grace and mercy, and this grace and mercy restores you to exercise dominion at work, in your home, and in your personal life. In short, “act like men, be strong.” Not governed by your passions, but governed by love (that term appropriated by the enemy) and governed by the Logos.

That’s the Christian way forward to the good of the city and nation. It doesn’t make for good public rallies or CNN town halls, but it’s the way forward.

Come and see!

Digital Dangers

In a post titled “The Dangers of Digital Babylon (1)”, Dr. David Murray challenges readers that “If we want to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, we must grow in digital self-discipline.” Murray continues, “I’m 100% convinced that there’s nothing more important for individual Christians than to get digital technology under control. I really mean that. This is going to make or break our Christian lives, our families, and our churches for decades to come.” Murray has since followed up with multiple posts on how technology is killing our mindsour health, our relationships, and our productivity.  There is a lot of practical wisdom in these posts.